Who are Concerned Medics Foundation?

Our Mission

At the Concern Medics Foundation, our purpose is clear!

... to give back to our community and support healthcare. We believe in collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development. Our commitment extends to local healthcare personnel, fostering a spirit of unity and excellence.

... with a goal to not only elevates individual medical competencies but also contributes to systemic enhancements throughout the healthcare sector.

Join Us in Our Mission to Create Healthier Communities.

Our Core Values

CMF makes a significant and enduring difference in the lives of those we serve, leaving a legacy.

Community-Centric Approach:

  • We prioritize community needs. Through outreach programs, medical camps, and educational initiatives, we aim to improve health outcomes for all.
  • Our volunteers actively engage with local residents, understanding their challenges and working together to find solutions.

⁠Healthcare Advocacy:

  • We advocate for accessible, quality healthcare. By partnering with clinics, hospitals, and NGOs, we amplify our impact.
  • Our goal is to empower individuals with health education, preventive measures, and timely interventions.

⁠Collaboration and Skill Sharing:

  • We believe in the power of collaboration. Whether through workshops, seminars, or mentorship programs, we foster an environment of continuous learning.
  • Local healthcare personnel benefit from our collective expertise, gaining new skills and insights.

Ethical Compassion:

  • Our work is guided by compassion and ethics. We treat every patient with dignity, respect, and empathy.
  • We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

Together, We Can Make a Lasting Impact!

Our Aim

One of the most significant impacts is the ability to address healthcare disparities, particularly in underserved rural areas. 

Northern Nigeria contends with a shortage of healthcare professionals, exacerbating challenges in accessing medical care for millions of citizens. 

Our Diaspora doctors, with their specialised skills and willingness to serve in remote regions, will play a pivotal role in mitigating these disparities by providing much-needed medical services where they are most needed; in emergency and planned hospital care across all medical and surgical specialties, including infection prevention and control practices, patient safety, clinical governance and risk management.


Key areas that we think we can make a big difference are: -

Our Vision

Beyond clinical practice, CMF envisions contributing to research and innovation within Northern Nigeria's healthcare ecosystem. 
Our exposure to cutting-edge medical advancements abroad will inspire the pursuit of research initiatives domestically, driving the development of new treatments, technologies, and healthcare methodologies tailored to the Northern Nigerian context.

To empower and transform healthcare in Northern Nigeria through the collaboration and expertise of diaspora doctors. We envision a region where every individual has access to high-quality, culturally sensitive healthcare services, delivered by a network of skilled and supported healthcare professionals.

Through our commitment to integrity, transparency, and community engagement, we seek to lead by example and inspire positive change in healthcare delivery. Our ultimate goal is to build a healthier and more equitable future, where diaspora doctors play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare access and quality.

All medical and surgical disciplines are included in our discussion of the various clinical practise areas in emergency and planned hospital care, including infection prevention and control procedures, patient safety, clinical governance, and risk management.

In essence, to be instrumental in elevating healthcare standards, expanding access to medical services, fostering innovation, and nurturing a patient-centric approach within Northern Nigeria's healthcare ecosystem. With contributions in the journey towards achieving equitable and sustainable healthcare for all Nigerians.

CMF Impact

Economically, Diaspora doctors inject vitality into the healthcare sector by investing in infrastructure, establishing private practices, and supporting medical education institutions. 

This not only stimulates economic growth but also creates job opportunities and fosters the professional development of local talent. With this, we anticipate the Government's acknowledgement being favourable.

The CMF is adamant that the government and the medical community must work together to address the severe healthcare issues that have dogged Northern Nigeria for years. A strong relationship between the government's visionary leadership and the passion, commitment, and drive of the CMF membership will start to bring about real healthcare transformation.


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