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Nigeria’s healthcare system

Concerned Medics

Our primary focus is to enhance the Nigerian healthcare system by leveraging the expertise of diasporan medical professionals. We conduct webinars and outreach programs, and are currently launching a New Pilot Initiative, with National Hospital, Abuja.

Every listed doctor comes highly recommended by their peers.

We understand that finding a specialist can be challenging, and it is our hope that this database simplifies your search.

No matter where you are globally, you can be confident in finding a skilled Nigerian doctor who is culturally attuned and understands your unique needs.

Overall, Our Local & Diaspora doctors play a vital role in improving healthcare standards, expanding access to medical services, and driving innovation within Nigeria’s healthcare system.

Let’s Find Out More about CMF

One of the most significant impacts of our doctors is their ability to address healthcare disparities, particularly in underserved rural areas.

Nigeria contends with a shortage of healthcare professionals, exacerbating challenges in accessing medical care for millions of citizens....

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Questions ...

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Diaspora Doctor?

Are Nigerian medical professionals who have been trained or have gained significant work experience outside of Nigeria and choose to return to Nigeria to contribute to the healthcare system.

What are the key skills set of our Doctors?

  • Proficiency in medical knowledge and clinical skills across various specialties to provide high-quality care.
  • Ability to accurately diagnose a wide range of medical conditions, often with limited resources.
  • Understanding of public health principles to address community health issues and implement preventive measures.

What information is available about our doctor?

Each doctor’s profile includes information such as their qualifications, specialties, office locations, contact details, etc. Some profiles may also include a biography, treatment philosophy, and appointment scheduling options.

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

Visitors typically have some Questions on their minds, so please feel free to reach out to us if you do.


Reviews from some of our clients

" I received a lot of different advice on how to care for my baby. Now confused, particularly because my mother-in-law is pressuring me to use traditional medicine.

So, she decides to find a Paediatrician on CMF, and spoke with a pleasant, knowledgeable doctor who gives me advice and persuades my mother-in-law to choose the baby’s safest course of action.

I am so happy and my baby boy is doing great now. "


A new mum

" I always get headaches, a poor sleeper, gaining weight and also sometimes get light headed.

I'm a very busy businessman so I don't have time to make physically make an appointment and have been putting it off for a while,...

Lucky I was able to get an experienced doctor via CMF to help diagnose my problem. "

Mr. Okafor

Business man

" I started feeling lonely, cried frequently, and couldn’t sleep. I need to speak to someone to just hear me out.

I was able to find a therapist on CMF, who was very nice, empathetic and so easy to talk to, who listened to me and helps me work through my problems. "

Hajiya Asabe